What do our clients say?

This is really an amazing product

HI Jeremy

Myself, my sister and my Aunt are all using your Sabuca Cream

For the body and for the feet and the Sports one. We really love the cream, our skin and feet really feel soft and well-nourished. I sometimes walk the slopes of Paarl Mountains, and after a walk, the Sport Cream is just the thing for tired legs and aches.
This is really an amazing product.
There is definitely a difference.

Great stuff, from Happy customers

Paulette Govender, Brunehilde Green, Decima Daniels

I can feel and see the difference

Hi Jeremy
Thanks for the Sabuca Foot Balm product
I’m using it now for six months and I can feel and see the difference in my feet
What an amazing product

Dale Santon
SA Rugby Legends

Skin Enriching Experience

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has been a skin enriching experience for the last three years with Sabuca Shea Butter. I manage and maintain my dry heels with the foot balm which has made the world of difference to my feet and elbows. It is a blessing these days to walk in open shoes. Sabuca Shea Butter on the whole has changed the texture of my skin. I would recommend a daily skin care with Sabuca Shea Butter.

Abigail (Nelspruit)

I am so happy with the results!

My hair is naturally dry and damaged, last year the damage was so extensive that I had to cut inches off my hair. This left me very despondent, then I heard about the Sabuca Hair Food and purchased the product. I am so happy with the results, my hair was instantly smoother, more manageable, moisturized and shiny. My hair also started to grow at an alarming rate. My friends and family noticed the change and I gladly recommended the hair food product. It smells amazing, is long-lasting and helps reverse damage to your hair.

Thandi (Cape Town)

Eczema gone!

My name is Paul, and live most of the time in the UK. I have been using Sabuca Shea Butter (pure) for just over a year now, mostly on my face, especially after shaving. About 3 months ago, I started using it on two little spots on the outside of my elbows. A relic of childhood eczema. Dry, grey patches, not itchy at all so it didn’t bother me. After a month no real change, but I kept on applying it, till one day I looked, and it was gone. There were no more grey dry patches on my elbows. It was amazing and I am well pleased with the product. I love the fact that it is natural and good for my skin. I make sure that I have Sabuca Shea butter with me at all times and would recommend it not just for daily use, but also if you have a particular skin challenge, give it a go. You might be just as pleasantly surprised as I was. I also use the pure as a lip balm. Very effective too!

Paul (UK)

My hair is rejuvenated

Hi Jerry,

just to let you know I used the hair mask and shampoo.  My hair is rejuvenated. A remarkable difference. I am sold on your product. I am experiencing a growth spurt. Amazing is all I can say!

Mandy (Plumstead)

It does wonders for scars

My son was in an accident two months ago – his scars in his face were so bad! I came across a product called Sabuca Shea Butter and it has done wonders for him. Bio Oil would never be able to do what Sabuca Shea butter has done. So if anyone is interested, speak to me and I’ll give you the details. And it’s not just for fresh marks, marks that’s been there – it can also do wonders. Thanks Jeremy for everything!

Mother of a child

I love this!

I simply love the Sabuca Shea Butter Haircare range.
My two-toned, dyed hair just looks and feels so much lighter, softly enhanced in a healthier, radiant look and feel, when using the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, even after the first use.

It is an all-natural and environmentally friendly (not tested on animals) brand.

I love this.

I feel a lot happier using it, compared to all the other harsh, chemically tested and enhanced hair products on the hair care market, that have dried and damaged the life out of my hair, all while harming animals for our beauty to begin with.
Since switching my hair care routine to the natural Sabuca Shea Butter range, I have seen and felt a noticeable difference that I highly want to recommend to all.

Au natural is definitely the new beautiful.

Tamarin Smith (Claremont)

You exceeded expectations!

Hi Sharon and Jeremy

Sabuca Shea Butter has certainly become my skins best friend.  I am privileged to have used the pure unrefined since you launched in SA and I am so excited about the new range that offers something from top to toe.  Having converted to Sabuca Shea Butter from an international  dominant player in the skincare business, I must say that I was sceptical at first, wondering whether I would feel the same level of moisturising and non-oily feel that I’d become accustomed to over the years.   I am so happy to say that your body lotion and body butter exceed expectations.  I’ve happily and confidently gifted some to colleagues and friends, who have only good things to say.  I am working through the other products in the range and I am confident that they will not fail to delight  Happy to be an ambassador if you’ll have me.

Charlene Davids-Mzozoyana (Cape Town)

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If you would like to receive more information, or if you would like to become a supplier leave your details and we will be in contact.

Need more information?

If you would like to receive more information, or if you would like to become a supplier leave your details and we will be in contact.